Seeking Help after a Dog Attack

Since the majority of domestic pets are harmless and docile, it would probably surprise most people that dog bites and dog attacks are extremely common occurrences. Near the end of August a Chesterfield, Virginia boy was attacked by a bulldog. The police declined to comment on the cause of the attack due to the ongoing investigation into the case. The owner claimed that the dog had never previously displayed aggressive behavior. In even more recent news, two children from Ladson, South Carolina encountered an unleashed dog on a playground. The dog, initially walking alongside his owner, ran over and attacked the children. Though they sustained lacerations and some bruising, the children are in good condition.

Dog attacks can happen as a result of numerous factors. Sometimes a dog will lash out in attempts to protect its owner or itself. Sometimes a dog is poorly trained and emotionally unstable if it has been raised by an abusive or violent owner. One factor is constant though, dogs respond to the energy of people or animals around them. Remaining calm and still is the most effective ways to handle a dog attack. This is why children are often, unfortunately, the target of dog attacks. Since a primal response to aggression is to panic and run, many children react by becoming frantic and attempt to run away. This causes the animal to give chase and attack. It’s important to teach children to be brave and not run away from dogs that are being scary.

The most common injuries that occur as a result of dog attacks are scarring, lacerations, broken bones, and disfigurement. In addition to being at higher risk for attacks, children also risk sustaining more severe injuries than adults since their bone density and muscle fiber is still developing. Luckily, young bodies are highly resilient and recovery time from injuries is substantially faster than adult recovery time.

Being attacked by a dog can result in an expensive hospital trip. A Massachusetts personal injury lawyer can help victims of dog aggression seek compensation from the owner of the dog who injured them.