Getting Pet Stains out of Carpets

Having a pet in the house is both emotionally gratifying and physically exhausting. A dog, for example, requires as much attention and energy as a small child, and it can be just as messy! Even a well-disciplined dog cannot help shedding hair or slobbering, and if there is no regular dog walking schedule, it is inevitable that the carpet will be the one to be on the receiving end of a very natural process. Any kind of pet, for that matter, is sure to make some type of contribution to any carpet at some point, unfortunately for homeowners.

If an “accident” happens, it can be difficult to get the stains out, especially if the carpet is light colored and/or deep-pile. There are many house products that may do the trick, but any new product should be tested in an obscure part of the carpet in case of an adverse reaction. Depending on the type of pet, the smell factor could also come into play even if the stains come out.

Another concern with do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is that sometimes the stain seeps down to the nap of the carpet. If it isn’t completely removed, it can become permanent over time. Pet stains are not the only things that may work itself into the carpet. Dust, dander and other contaminants can also make a room smelly, musty, cause allergies, and even degrade the carpet itself.

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it would be better to get pet stains and other contaminants out of carpets by having a professional in your area do a thorough cleaning at least once a year. It will preserve the integrity of the carpet as well as ensure that there are no hidden “surprises” lurking underfoot.